Indie Soul: ‘Caught Up’ by Shannon Holmes


For my hip-hop heads “Caught Up” by Shannon Holmes is for you. His first book “B-More Careful” was written about the streets of Baltimore. Holmes knows a lot about street life, especially after serving five years on drug charges. It was at this point in his life that he chose to turn his life around. Five books later he is back with “Caught Up” another hip-hop thriller published by Akashic Books. So what is “Caught Up” about?

The central character, Dixyn Greene, has it all. She is a hustler’s wife, the mother of a beautiful daughter, and she owns a town house and a nice car. She’s living the life. When the feds arrest her man, Dixyn’s whole world begins to crumble. Things quickly go from bad to worse. The bills begin to mount and her ability to continue to maintain her lavish lifestyle is put to the test.

Strapped for cash, her good intentions lead to bad decisions. Enter Brian Winters, B-Dub, and her one saving grace, or so she initially believes. In Dixyn’s time of need, B-Dub turns out to be no more than an opportunist with his own agenda. Dixyn becomes indebted to him and is forced to do his bidding in order to survive. With B-Dub on her back, she submerges herself into the murky waters of street life and is soon entangled in a web of lust, betrayal, blackmail, and deceit. She ultimately discovers that there are no rules in the game. In the game, loyalty is limited. Trust will get you hurt and love will get you killed.

I read this book in one sitting. It had me open. Now I have Holmes at the top of my list of authors when it comes to street novels. It’s a great way to escape and be entertained for a few hours. The book hits stores August 4, 2015!