Chris Canty returns to Ravens for some ‘unfinished business’


Defensive tackle Chris Canty had a chance to test the free agent market but decided to return to the Baltimore Ravens. Canty signed a two- year deal that is worth $4.65 million with a $1.5 million signing bonus. The Ravens held a 14 point lead twice against the eventual Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Because of that, Canty and the Ravens feel that they have unfinished business. He believes that the Ravens have an opportunity to do something special this season.

“This team has been close in the past in terms of competing for a championship, and so I definitely feel like we’re in position to be able to put in that kind of work and give ourselves an opportunity. That’s what you fight for, the opportunity.” Canty continued; “You don’t know which way it’s going to bounce, but you want to at least have the opportunity to compete for [a championship], and I think that if this team continues to work the way we’ve been working, continues to figure things out and put it together, we’ll have an opportunity to do that.”

Canty is really excited about coming back to the Ravens. He said that he is thrilled to return and play with his teammates who he refers to as his “brothers.” One of those brothers will be missing this season. Haloti Ngata was traded to the Detroit Lion and it is a loss that Canty will feel personally.

“That’s really tough. You can’t replace a guy like that – a future Hall of Famer, one of the best to ever do it at that position. And beyond that, [he is] just a good friend. It’s going to be tough having him not be a part of our group, not be a part of our defensive unit, not be a part of our football team, but we have to move on.” Canty said.

The Ravens have taken steps to attempt to make the transition from a defensive line that included Ngata. Canty will play a large role by being a mentor to the young defensive linemen. This is something that he has no problem with. He said that he is here to serve the Ravens in “any capacity” that the team needs him. He also pointed out that he has been a starter in the NFL for a decade and doesn’t see that changing this year.

The main thing that Canty wants to do is teach the young players how to be a pro. Canty talked about this during mini-camp. “More so than anything else, teaching them not only what to do as far as how to carry yourself in this building and what you’re supposed to do in your profession, but off-the-field stuff as well. I just try to provide that guidance for them. But those guys are really excited. They love football, and they really attack every day with the intent in mind to get better. I’m excited to be a part of that group.”

There are some specific things that veteran players like Canty have to be sure to do in order to last in the NFL, Canty pointed out how it is crucial it is to train wisely and to take care of his body. He said that it requires a lot of discipline. He also said that it took some creativity to make sure that he got all of the necessary work in without beating down his body. “The last couple years, I’ve tinkered with a little regimen that I’ve been doing, and it’s working out. I feel really, really good.” Canty said.

According to him, Canty is the strongest he’s ever been as far as being a pro football player. He’s excited to see what he can do going into training camp and going into the season.