Health Power for Minorities unveils new site and digital network


— Health Power for Minorities LLC (Health Power), the leading source of health information for minority/multicultural populations worldwide, announced the launch of its redesigned nationally unique website, which is the centerpiece for the first-ever National Minority Health Communication Network.

Health Power’s mission is to improve the health and longevity of multicultural/minority populations, and, thus, society as a whole. Rated by Google, Yahoo and Bing as the most sought after online source for ethnic health information worldwide, more people turn to Health Power for health and wellness information than to CDC, NIH, Office of Minority Health and American Public Health Association. Further, the new Health Power website markedly expands the information previously offered, and introduces a unique, multiplatform national communication network to better reach a variety of audiences.

The site utilizes 20 well-recognized medically and culturally competent contributing editors and advisors on minority health. With these resources, visitors will find enhanced information channels that include:

• Special focus on preventing and controlling Health Power’s “Big Four” diseases and conditions which disproportionately affect minorities: obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease – each of which often contributes to the development and complications of one or more of the other three conditions. This focus helps users easily identify their risk, gain information on prevention and treatment, and develop and implement realistic action plans.

• The Health Power Food and Fitness Channel offers diverse and delicious cultural recipes by celebrities, chefs and nutritionists. Also, the Fitness section contains practical and low-cost information to achieve and sustain physical fitness. It also features a Tip Sheet to identify which activities and how many calories are needed to burn off those delicious meals, and even more to burn off unhealthy meals, as well.

• The Racial & Ethnic Channels feature tailored information for specific populations, especially African Americans and Hispanics, who together comprise a substantial majority of the nation’s minorities. Therefore, directly addressing the health related needs of these populations, along with other racial and ethnic groups, will greatly decrease the nation’s gap in health equities.

The gemstone of the new website is the one-of-a-kind National Minority Health Communication Network, which features multiple platforms to disseminate information and provide resources through:

• A visually captivating website with more than 2,000 print-friendly web pages.

• An active social media network that pushes out information – and interacts with the public – through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and a host of other outlets.

• The Health Power blog with more than 10 new posts every month written by some of the most notable experts in health and wellness.

• Access to easy to use customized print brochures and other shareable materials.

In addition, the Health Power mobile network provides instant access to health information for anyone with a smartphone, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Founded in 2007 by Norma J. Goodwin, M.D, Health Power for Minorities’ President, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, the organization has now grown into the leading source for trusted health information, in no small part due to her longstanding efforts to improve the lives of others and eliminate the health disparities that exist in minority and ethnic communities around the nation.

“Although in many ways we are all the same, we must still embrace the unique health-related differences and needs among ethnicities, cultures and geographical locations,” said Dr. Goodwin. “That’s why Health Power speaks directly to the unique interests of diverse groups, thus helping to close the health disparities gap.”

To find great information on improving your health, sign up for the newsletter or become active in the National Minority Health Communication Network, stop by Health Power’s new website – – today and learn how Knowledge + Power = Action!®.

Dr. Goodwin, a national minority health and public health expert, is also Clinical Associate Professor of Public Health at the State University of New York – Downstate Medical Center. Her many consultancies include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As well, she has published and lectured on health and minority health widely nationally and abroad.