Can a Minority Owned Start-Up, Opulenc, be the Solution to the $250 Billion Global Luxury Industry’s Problem?


— Washington, DC – Opulenc, the membership-based social video platform designed exclusively for luxury brands has decided to introduce itself to the $250 billion global luxury industry in an attempt to help bridge the gap between luxury and technology. Never before has there been a social platform that adequately addresses the look and feel of luxury, nor has anyone been able to provide the experience that luxury brands desire on a digital landscape.

Opulenc combines a luxurious video platform with social shopping, market research, consumer analytics, engagement, geo-targeting and unique customer experiences.

Existing video platforms are great for what they are currently being used for (i.e. ads from every conceivable product or company, very basic layout, inclusion of a variety of video content as these platforms are made for mass market consumption); however, a luxury product deserves more in terms of depth, touch points, service, appeal, and quite frankly a little opulence. The type of service and level of credence you come to expect when you shop for luxury in a boutique store, should not be discredited in an online or digital setting. If a product is considered a luxurious item, it should be shown as such even online; otherwise, it loses its appeal. “Opulenc has arrived as a solution to this problem,” says Fayton Washington, CEO and Founder.

Opulenc, which launched its subscriber efforts last week, has begun collecting interest from many luxury brands in New York and are beginning to connect with other brands internationally. The global affluent market will surpass 440 million in 2020. Luxury market consumers are looking for more in terms of hi-touch technology and service that is bespoke to luxury. Opulenc’s mission is to be the leading social video choice for luxury brands worldwide.