Indie Soul Music Review: Saun & Starr ‘Look Closer’


Radio is definitely missing out on some great music this summer. Next up for Indie Soul is a review of the debut album debut from some real soul sistas; Saun & Starr.

I was introduced to these sistas when they sang background for the Dap-Kings. I heard them perform and I was blown away. These women can blow. They are like any true indie artist who had to grind to get where they are today. They worked full-time jobs, sang in bands, performed here and there until their chance came perform with the Dap-Kings and the rest is history. Now it’s time for the United States to show these women some love.

Their debut project takes it back with that funk, soul, and love just the way you like it. They have powerful voices and meaningful lyrics. The love song, “If Only” is the track! Saun & Starr lament over missing that one person they now realize that they love. Follow that up with “Anotha Love Like Mine” they flip the script by telling a cheating man he will regret his actions and that he will never find a love like hers. The title track “Look Closer” sets the tone for the CD which is a silky smooth groove that has you bopping your head and smiling. Other favorites include: “Gonna Make Time,” “Your Face Before My Eyes,” and “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.”

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