Indie Soul Book and Interview: ‘This Ain’t What You Want’ by Jabar


— When the Baltimore riots happened, I was immediately contacted by author Jabar who told me his book, “This Ain’t What You Want,” would be a great read for adults, but especially our youth of today.

Jabar said he was inspired to write the book out of a desire give back and help young people make educated decisions. The book is the first of a planned series of fiction novels written specifically for young people and the unique challenges they face.

According to Jabar, “Twenty-five hundred people in the U.S. are serving life without parole for crimes they committed when they were juveniles and for most, the choices that lead where they are could have been avoided.” “Young people need to be able to closely examine the mistakes of others and books like this will allow them to use that they have learned to navigate life’s obstacles,” he continued. The question becomes, how can such a book be of assistance in the community?

“’This Ain’t What You Want’” can assist our communities because it creates a platform for open and honest dialog between young people and their support system parent’s teachers, counselors, mentors, as well as between young people and their peers. This book and the ones that will follow are consequence oriented and were designed to make kids stop and think with its gritty honesty and no holds barred approach to at-risk behavior.”

Without question this book really delves into the real-life choices black males are forced to make every day. It is definitely a must read for young men also for parents who will find out ways to connect with the young adult in your life. It’s not just a great read but an eye opener.