Indie Soul: Hennessy 250


— Hennessy hosted an exclusive gathering on board the L’Hermione tall ship docked in Baltimore’s Harbor Place Mall to celebrate French-American friendship and Lafayette’s historic voyage 250 years ago. The old world ship was transformed to host guests with a modern/luxury appeal that highlighted HNY’s Higher Marques collection. Signature HNY VSOP Privilege cocktails were served with Paired food while a singing quartet delivered classical compositions throughout the night.

A special tasting of HNY’s Anniversary blend (H250) was shared as their French Maison AMB (Cyrille) spoke to its blend characteristics.

“We wanted to do this on the replica of the ship that sailed from 1780, to pay homage and a bridging of France and the Americas coming to together, with Hennessey actually being stocked on board the actually ship. So this ship has been on a journey with stops in Boston and New York. One of the original stops in 1780 was Baltimore,” said Hennessy Representative Agnes Greenidge.

The celebration was capped with a tasting of the Anniversary Blend H250. Hennessy drinkers were surprised by the flavor and aroma. For my desert folks, especially chocolate lovers, and after dinner cigars smokers, you would enjoy this blend.

Visit The Baltimore Times photo gallery online for photos from the event. For more about Hennessy, visit: You must be (21+).