Indie Soul Fashion: Cheri’ Felix, owner of CF Styling Inc., does it all


“I love fashion and style. I will do whatever it takes to succeed in this business” —Cheri’Felix

There are traditional entrepreneurs that open a brick and mortar business, get a loan, and make a business plan; Cheri’ Felix or CF has taken a different approach to her freelance stylist business.

“Most people who are stylists, they may concentrate on one thing. Some people think that a stylist only does hair. That is not the case with me. I can do it all and I am licensed as such. Hair, nails and fashion— I want to do it all and I am passionate about what I do, ” CF said.

What makes CF such an incredible stylist is her passion. One minute, she is doing hair and makeup for a music video, then she is off to style models for a fashion show then she is handling fashion arrangements for another artist who needs her assistance.

“This is a constant grind and you have to stay ready. I am not locked in at a shop at this present moment, so I am able to freelance and meet clients where they are. I will even come to your office. If you are not in this to be the best, then you will not be successful,” CF pointed out.

One of the main issues Cheri’ has in the business is the cattiness. “ The fashion scene in Baltimore does not need to be separated. There is enough for everyone and I refuse to be placed in a box. I want to use my creativity wherever I can and work with fabulous people.”

Felix understands there are a lot of sacrifices along the way as well.

“You have to sacrifice family, friends and relationships to be in this business. So you have to surround yourself with people who understand that and have your support,” said CF.

For more information or to follow CF Styling Inc. on Tumblr, visit: or call: 443-977-3544.

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