Help The Air Conditioning System Run Better With Tips From HVAC Pros


— With summer temperatures here, homeowners are using the air conditioner more often and will continue to do so for the next several months. Aire Serv has simple things homeowners can do to keep the HVAC system running better during the hot time of the year.

Temperature control

Having a smart or programmable thermostat installed can help homeowners regulate the temperature while they are away from the home. Newer model thermostats work with phone apps so homeowners can change the temperature anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Check for appropriate airflow

Inside the home

Never close more than 20 percent of a home’s registers. Blocked registers places unnecessary strain on the HVAC system. It is also important to keep furniture from covering up or blocking vents. The system will have to work much harder to decrease the temperature in the home if the air is blocked.

Outside the home

Grass clippings from the lawn mower should be kept away from the outside condenser unit. There should be at least two feet of clearance around outdoor air conditioning unit. Homeowners should remove yard debris that may have gotten into or near the unit over the past months from the top and sides of the outdoor unit. Clear any bushes away that can impact airflow to the outside unit.

Perform a visual inspection

Although most homeowners are not HVAC experts, they do spend time around the equipment. If the HVAC system is making different or unusual sounds, contact a service professional to inspect the unit. Periodically, look over the unit and the lines leading into the house for damage.

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