Indie Soul Spotlight: Quinton Randall


“I just want to be heard. I really love what I am doing!” — Quinton Randall

Black Music Month is about celebrating the music from our culture. Contrary to popular belief, black music is not just hip-hop and R&B. Black people are architects of all music, including: jazz, rock, country, Ggospel, and the blues. So it is a pleasant surprise when a young black male is doing something other than hip-hop music. Quinton Randall is that young man and he is “Baltimore’s Bluesman.”

“My mentor is the one who got me into the music and playing guitar. I do love music and I like hip-hop, but am passionate about [the] blues,” said Quinton Randall.

Being from Baltimore, which seems to be dominated on the surface by hip-hop music, Randall wants people to know that there is a group of musicians who are about the art of music.

“There is so much great music and people who play, that I wish more people would come and support the movement that is taking place here in Baltimore,” Randall said.

The movement that Randall is referring to is the sound of original down-home good music. When you see him play you can tell he is in a new world as he engulfs himself in his music and performing. As you hear him playing, you can see the crowd just eating up the way he just embraces his guitar and really gives the crowd what they are looking. He draws them in with his performance. He comes across as serious and committed to his music.

“I want people to walk away from my show and want to buy my music and tell others [about it]. It is important that I am on point. I only want to be surrounded by those who are serious about playing and those who care about music. I take this seriously” Randall said.

Randall’s new CD, “The Cleanse,” is available online: To listen to a Quinton Randall’s music, visit BaltimoreTimes.