‘The Wayward Wife’ debuted on Amazon May 1


— Baltimore educator T. S. Wallace’s debut fiction novel “The Wayward Wife” is an introspective look into a woman’s mind, whose love life, and subsequently her entire life, is spiraling out of control.

Atlanta socialite, Janine Dupont, is married to a man who gives her everything, but is that enough? Jon Dupont, although a great provider and father, has a lot to lose if his secret gets out. Reputation is everything in their town, but he may have gone to the wrong place for help.

Douglass Detective Agency is Robert Matthews’ newest venture, The ex-football player put his bid in both literally and figuratively and is back to get his girl no matter what. The problem is Janine Dupont is Jon’s girl and the wayward wife.

The odds are stacked in the fast paced lives of these three characters. Follow them as they show you what it feels like to be cheated on, cheated with and to be an adulteress who wants to make it alright again.

Reader Donna Kelly-Bell said, “I feel as though I am watching a movie! The storyline is so different from what I initially expected. What I am enjoying most about it is the callous sex acts juxtaposed with the morals and values of the characters. Often we get caught up with judging folks without knowing their story.”

Tanefa Wallace is a writer, educator and coach. Her writing has been featured in both Philadelphia and Baltimore local anthologies and she currently blogs at TheWriteWayFaye about her journey in creating her publishing company, The Write Way. As a member of Charm City Writers’ group, she has conducted workshops for her own and other’s literary works. She earned her BS in Business Management and Communications from The College of Notre Dame, Maryland and her Master’s in Counseling from The University of Loyola, Maryland. Wallace has worked with women in life coaching and in group counseling as well as with teens and young adults and is a student of human behavior.

Wallace has also published an ebook of eclectic poetry entitled, “Tangerine Blues,” available on iTunes, Barnes and Noble and directly from Smashwords.

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