LETTER: African-Americans and colon cancer



Re: African-Americans and colon cancer

Here is some promising news: A recent study suggests that you can reduce your risk for colon cancer— a disease that afflicts African-Americans more than any other racial group in the United States— just by eating tasty vegan foods.

Researchers with the University of Pittsburgh asked 20 African-Americans in Pittsburgh and 20 rural South Africans to “switch diets” for two weeks. The Pittsburgh residents ate a traditional African diet, which includes lots of fruit, vegetables, beans, and cornmeal, and very little meat. The Africans ate typical American-style meals, heavy in meat and cheese.

At the end of the swap, the researchers performed colonoscopies on all of the study participants. Those who ate the African-style diet had less inflammation in the colon and more of a fatty acid that may protect against colon cancer. Those who ate the typical American diet showed signs that indicated an increased risk of colon cancer.

If you want to stay on the safe side, visit www.PETA.org for a free vegan starter kit, or check out the Afro-Vegan cookbook by renowned chef Bryant Terry.

Heather Moore

PETA Foundation

Norfolk, VA