Baltimore mother could save this nation!


Three cheers for the Baltimore mommy who was slapping and whipping the heck out of her son. Mommy Toya Graham saw her 16-year-old son Michael in the rioting crowd with a hoodie and a mask this past week and immediately went to him and took him off the street. She should be America’s poster mommy this Mother’s day for parenting.

Kids in this country are starving for a mommy and a daddy to step up to the plate and be real parents. As much as ever before the youth of America need to be loved, mentored, tutored through school, spend time with loving parents and then a good kick to the backside every now and then.

My mother slapped my face once. She slapped me hard enough that I honestly don’t remember what I sassed her about. She took me out to the peach tree and whipped me with a peach tree limb (switch) on more than one occasion.

My daddy gave me the belt more than once. Honestly, these are not my fond family memories. However, they were on the scene. They weren’t missing in action. They were at home being parents. They cared enough about me to try to drive me in the right direction.

I regret every spanking I gave my two sons. I wish I could go back and undo every swat I ever gave them on the rear end. I never enjoyed that.

However, they both finished school, never have been arrested and both are serving our country today in the military. We had some tough times like all families do but God by his grace gave me enough strength and wherewithal to stay with my family and stay with my boys.

Looking back, I know they needed even more than what I gave but I am so glad I gave everything I did.

During her childhood our youngest daughter would occasionally threaten that she was calling social services on us. This was usually due to our insistence that she do some homework, clean her room a little or just go to bed. It was amusing but we encouraged her to go ahead if she thought she could find a better deal. She backtracked on that threat.

Like Toya Graham moms and dads are the answer to many of America’s problems. We must step up to the plate and be adults. Take responsibility for our families welfare, education and what they are doing and when necessary go to the war zone like Mommy Graham and take action in order to save our children and this nation.

Glenn Mollette is the author of eleven books and his column “American Issues” is read across the country. To contact him, go to