Indie Soul Spotlight: Poet Deep


“I want to make a difference in Baltimore and be an example to not only my kids but the kids in the community.”—Poet Deep

Whoever said that once you make mistakes in your life that you can’t be a role model, must not have read that God forgives and has not met Poet Deep. Poet Deep is very honest about his past that includes drug dealing, fights and street life.

“One thing we have to do as a people is be honest and let the community know for those who are going through some things, that you have been there. The streets are looking for help and people they can relate to,” said Poet Deep who is a very deep thinker, reader, and conscious person. “When you are in need, you do things that you know are wrong. I know. I was one of those dudes. I also know that I had to change because I have a purpose in life. It is not about the money. It is about saving lives.”

Poet Deep is on a mission to let his words be his action through his words and music. Poet Deep adds, “This music and entertainment has our community messed up.The racial tension here in Baltimore doesn’t help as well. We need a balance in music and entertainment with artists speaking truth and knowledge. I want to be that example.”

Poet Deep is in the process of raising funds for musical ventures to make a difference. Please visit: . Also follow Poet Deep on Facebook as he makes that journey to change the culture of music, role models, and Black life here in Baltimore. #BlackLifeMatters.