Indie Soul Music: The Motion Collective


The Motion Collective, the amazing jazz collective from Bari, Italy released their first full-length album for A.MA Records with executive producer Antonio via TIMKAT Entertainment in America.

Now this CD has been in my Dropbox for about a month and when I finally listened to the music, I was blown away by the mix of sound, rhythm and technique. It was like making a summer salad, adding the right ingredients and topping it off with a light dressing. This 10-track digital download/CD, is “perfecto!”

The single, “Unstuck In Time” is just delicious and right on time for a Spring/Summer release. For those House and Club Deejays, the first two tracks, “Enchanting Drum” and “Enfarte Musical” should be on your playlists and in your mixes.

Indie Soul favorites are: “Into You,” “Hoverin,” and “Angels.”

I loved the sound and it definitely has that chillin’— let’s go for a ride or have a glass of wine— type of vibe. You can pick up a copy at: