Ravens Marlon Brown Feels It Will Be a Big Year for the Receivers


— The Baltimore Ravens opened their off season workout program this week. Third year wide receiver Marlon Brown spoke to the media about what he feels is a great opportunity since Torrey Smith signed with the San Francisco 49ers. Brown had a less impactful season last year statistically but it will benefit him in the long run. He is looking to make his mark in his third season.

“I definitely feel like it could be a big year for me. I feel like I have grown. Obviously if you have been playing in the league for three years, you’re going to get better.” Brown said.” I feel like I have gotten better all around; blocking, catching, being more consistent, my route running and I am just working to get better.”

Brown came up with some big plays as the season went on last year. He developed into somewhat of a third down specialist and excelled playing the slot position. New offensive coordinator Marc Trestman has had tremendous success with bigger receivers in the past (Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall). That is something that Brown is looking to continue.

“Once they said Trestman was coming in, I definitely got excited because he likes to throw the ball to the slot and outside. I played the slot position before so it won’t be anything new.”

Last year was a learning experience for Brown. His targets decreased from 81 targets in his rookie season to 31 last year. Injuries and the arrival of Steve Smith Sr. played a key role in the reduction. Brown fully understood the impact of gaining a player like Smith Sr. and he used it as a learning experience.

“Steve Smith Sr. helped me a lot. Steve is a Hall of Famer.” Brown said. “I am a team guy. Small me, big team. I was taking notes because I know that the time was going to come and once it came, I had to be ready.”

This season will be different for Brown because he won’t have Torrey Smith in the receiver room with him. It’s a part of the business and in Brown’s eyes, it’s a bittersweet opportunity. “It was real hard for me. Torrey was like my big brother. He taught me so much on and off the field.” Brown continued; “I was talking to him and he was telling me that I am young and that my time is going to come. I have to capitalize on my opportunity.”

The time is now for Brown and the Ravens receivers. They are a young group led by a veteran in Steve Smith Sr. and a very good position coach in Bobby Engram. Brown feels like it is their time to prove that they can play and that they are ready to do so.