‘Kidz N Charge’ kid-friendly music to be featured on MTV Jams, other video websites


Markel Anderson is a nine-year-old boy who likes technology and computers and his 10-year-old brother Michael Anderson, Jr. loves to play video games. Although the boys from Fort Washington, Maryland have typical hobbies of youth their ages, since 2013, Markel and Michael have also been living their dream by performing R&B, pop and rap music in their group, “Kidz N Charge.”

Markel, whose performance name is “Young KELLZ” is the primary singer and Michael, known as “Mike J” onstage, raps and primarily performs backup vocals.

“I like going to different places that I have never been before and making other kids happy,” “Young KELLZ” said.

In 2014, the brothers completed their first CD called “It’s Party Time.” Fans who listen to their kid-friendly music typically find them through social media and word-of-mouth. Online promotion is paying off. The brothers have over one million subscribers to their website.

The Anderson family’s movement to bring back wholesome and positive music for youth is growing. Vevo, MTV Jams and Revolt TV, a new music cable network owned by Sean “Puffy” Combs, will play the Maryland-based group’s music this month.

On April 20, 2015, Vevo, MTV Jams and Revolt TV will show the video for their single, “Best Friend.” It will be added into their rotation for their online video sites. According to the boys’ father Michael Anderson. It’s Party Time” has generated over one million views on their website. The featured songs from their album have received 53,700 views on YouTube.

The song, “Come With Me,” was dedicated to children who lost their lives to senseless acts of violence. “Kidz N Charge” was granted clearance to perform “Cool It Now” by the Harry Fox Agency, which provides licensing and royalty services for artists. Whenever the boys perform the New Edition hit, parents reportedly dance and clap as much as the youth. However, the brothers often perform original songs about kids having fun, problems affecting youth, puppy love and friendship. Victor Allen volunteers to help “Michael J” to write original song lyrics and Charles Ford volunteers to help “Young KELLZ” pen his songs.

“We wanted to bring that old era back where you had ‘Immature,’ ‘New Edition,’ ‘The Temptations’ and feel good music. You could get your point across without having to use vulgar language and [we wanted to] keep it kid-friendly,” Michael Anderson, Sr. said.

You can spot Michael Anderson, Sr. and his wife, Kia Anderson accompanying “Mike J” and “Young KELLZ” to local performances at kiddie cabarets, schools, nursing-homes and to private functions like birthday parties. They travel to perform in other places like Ohio, Atlanta and Richmond. Kia, their manager, noticed that her sons possessed musical talent during a home sing-off. After asking the boys what they wanted to do with their talents, Kia began working with them on a consistent basis to practice vocals and listen keenly to music.

“Markel told me that he wanted the world to be able to hear his voice and to be able to show what children can do,” Kia said. “Markel has always had an interest in music since he was three years old. He came to me at seven and showed me that he could sing in front of people. His brother [Michael] had been dancing before that. One of their idols is ‘Mindless Behavior.’ They want to perform like them.”

Although “Kidz N Charge” gets booked for paid gigs, the Andersons decided that “Young KELLZ” and “Mike J” should reach more children through volunteer work. In early March, the brothers volunteered to perform at r the sixth annual “I Am Not My Hair” Alopecia Awareness show, which was held in Hampton, Virginia. The event helps young people who have alopecia cope with bullying and it increases awareness about the condition. The duo also performed at the Emeritus at Woodward Estates in Bowie for senior citizens and their families, during Easter weekend.

“Young KELLZ” and “Mike J” are making their parents proud of their musical accomplishments and personal development.

“I think they are learning how to work well with each other, and to show other children that whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve. They always had a dream to sing and perform for others and that’s what they are doing,” Kia said.

Visit http://www.kidzncharge.com for more information about “It’s Party Time” and Kidz N Charge.