Indie Soul Music Review: Ima Jackson’s ‘Enchanting Raindrops’


This week, Indie Soul takes it back to the motherland with Ima Jackson– artist with a an incredible voice and a powerful message.

Jackson, born in Uyo, Nigeria is proud to represent her country with a sound many American listeners may not be familiar with even though the roots can be found in a variety of music listened to in the United States.

Her latest release “Enchanting Raindrops,” delivers inspiring, motivational music with live instruments that transport the listener to Africa. If presentation is everything, then Jackson presents one vivid picture!

Standout tracks include, “I See the Truth Standing (On the Back of Ancestors),” and “It takes a Village.” You can listen to snippets of “Enchanting Raindrops” on

Jackson also hosts a world music show on WPUL 1590AM in Daytona Beach, Fla. on Sunday nights from 7pm-8pm called “IRT Express with Lady I.”

To listen to the show, visit: Become a fan of Ima Jackson by following her on Facebook:

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