Renowned pastor brings message for women to Baltimore


Reverend R.C. Blakes Jr. has a message that he makes sure to try and get across when he is in the pulpit or when he is sitting in front of a television camera on the World Harvest International Network.

It’s a message that viewers of the WORD Network are also familiar with as are listeners to Blakes’ KKNO Christian Radio Station in New Orleans.

Now, Baltimore area residents will get a chance to hear that message, which is geared toward young women who may have had absentee fathers, never knew their dad or their father never took time to talk about what they could expect when dating or marrying.

“I believe that the talk between a father and daughter is so important and I became extremely concerned about the rapid and constant erosion of female dignity in our society and I thought I needed to do something to help them,” said Blakes, the author of the book, “The Father Daughter Talk.”

Blakes will appear at New Life Fellowship International Ministries in Hanover for three consecutive nights beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 12, and then on Friday, March 13 and Saturday, March 14. Each appearance will begin at 7 p.m. and each will highlight Blakes’ “The Father Daughter Talk.”

Blakes says he has three daughters of his own and he wanted his book and his message to be a guide to conversations that fathers and daughters must have. He says they are the most important discussions that will take place in both the parent and the child’s life.

“Women are growing up without the affirmation of their father and, as a consequence, they come into adulthood with a lack of understanding of men and sexuality,” Blakes said. “That is evident in music videos and television shows where there are video vixens, sex tapes, multiple sex partners and women are just objects.”

Blakes says he wants to help as many women as possible to avoid the pitfalls of such a lifestyle.

“One of the cornerstones of my message is sexual integrity,” he said. “Some of the testimonies I’ve gotten include women coming out of a sexually promiscuous lifestyle, women have stopped using their sexuality as a success strategy and they’ve dug deeper into investigating what a man’s purpose is and they’ve come into their own. I’m hearing it and seeing it everyday.”

The eldest son of Bishop R.C. Blakes, Sr. he and his brother, Samuel R. Blakes, have worked most of their lives in the ministry, most of which is geared toward families.

The longtime pastor primarily cares for and oversees the New Home Family of Churches, which encompasses six locations from Louisiana to Texas.

Blakes has been a pastor for 25 years and he holds a Masters of Theology from Christian Bible College of Louisiana and has become a nationally sought after teacher and speaker.

He said his message to young women has become a part of a constant conversation, particularly for those like him who have a big platform.

“My sole purpose for doing this is I have three daughters, two are grown and the other is on her way to college, so I have some personal investment in this,” Blakes said. “When I see the plight of women, I see that there those who can be brilliant in the board room but an idiot in bedroom and it breaks my heart. So, I want to speak to this generation of women because life will take you to certain places even if you don’t think it will.”