Indie Soul Book Review: ‘The Half That’s Never Been Told’


Sometimes when books come to Indie Soul, they sit on the desk for a few weeks before they are read. Every once in a while, once the book is opened, we find a gem!

This week’s review is about such a book, which is about a Jewish guy from Washington D.C. who comes to love, record and influence reggae music for many decades.

In the book, “The Half That’s Never Been Told,” by Doctor Dread, born Gary Himelfarb, the reader gets to know Doctor Dread and will read about his life experiences, his recording company RAS (Real Authentic Sound) and his influences on Reggae music in general.

Real music heads will truly enjoy this book. Indie Soul advocates for independent artists particularly when it comes to the selling and distribution of their music, so it was hard not to feel a sense of satisfaction when reading how Doctor Dread started his record label and how he was able to do it his own way.

The list of artists who have worked with Doctor Dread reads like a who’s who of Reggae Music, including: Inner Circle, Junior Reid, Black Uhuru, The Wailers, and many others.

For anyone who is a fan of Reggae music, this book is a must-have to add their Reggae music collection.