Weddings just got less expensive with launch of website


There is little doubt most would agree that getting married can be very expensive. However, for those seeking wedded bliss, there is good news.

Lauren Hines, a former Baltimore resident, has expanded, an internet-based business that makes it cheaper to tie the knot.


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“As a former bargain-hunting bride, I knew how difficult it was to find quality wedding vendors within a certain price range,” said Hines, the founder and president of, which launched in Atlanta in 2013 and now has expanded into several other markets, including Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore. “Like more and more couples today, my then fiancé, who is now my hubby and the love of my life, and I were fronting the majority of the bill ourselves and we couldn’t afford to have the $25,000 plus metro area wedding.”

Hines says when she came up with the idea of starting, she thought “how cool” it would be to have a resource that not only saves brides money but also saves them some time and headache by giving them all the pertinent info they would need to find their vendors.

“The only things left for our brides to do is visit their favorite venues, try on the dresses, and taste the cakes. All of the fun stuff,” she said.

The website serves as host for affordable vendors for brides and grooms to research and it includes wedding planners and other related necessities.

Hines said individuals in all markets require a trusted resource to find credible and affordable vendors to plan what could often be a stressful and expensive life-changing event. She said the team of market researchers at her website work to produce such resources and they can help save up to 60 percent on wedding costs.

Through a monthly subscription of less than $2.50 per month, visitors are able to search, view prices and contact over 1,000 local and online vendors within 16 markets.

Hines, whose family emigrated from Jamaica decades ago, says she understands that a poor economy, a Great Recession or even a Great Depression won’t stop brides and grooms from spending for their wedding.

“I think it goes back to the desire to see a dream fulfilled. Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding day from youth, so dropping dollars on what is to be one of the most important days— if not the most important day— of their life is a cost worth spending,” she said. “No one wants to look back on their wedding day pictures and see horrible photography, images of ghastly bridal dresses and less-than-desirable wedding cake and food, and memories of a day gone wrong.”

Hines continued, “That’s why people are willing to spend for value. We just found a way to help bring that value at a price tag most couples can afford.”

A recent analyst performed by the website,, revealed that couples that live in or travel to Baltimore spend between $22,855 and $38,091 on average for their wedding, although some do pay $10,000 or less.

Also, a recent new study performed at Emory University in Georgia found that couples who spend less on their wedding tend to have longer-lasting marriages than those who splurge.

“Since our launch in 2013, we have had over 31,000 guests on I believe vendors enjoy being on a different kind of wedding website that recognizes them for more than having just a company name,” Hines said. “All vendors on our site are loved by their customers, are regarded as affordable within their city and category and are some of the most responsive, hard-working professionals you will find in the industry.”

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