Indie Soul Interview: Bill Duke’s ‘Dark Girls’


“Black Media needs to continue the conversation when it comes to color of skin dark skin and light skin” —Bill Duke

If you don’t know who Bill Duke is, then by all means Google his name. He is an iconic figure when it comes to producing, directing and acting. He uses his talents to delve into race and culture, and in his latest work “Dark Girls” he examines color. He says he’s amazed that in 2015 skin color is still an issue in the black community.

“Dark Girls” is a very powerful book that captures the beauty of dark skin. The photos just jump out at you. More than that, you get to see and hear from dark skinned women about their hardships and triumphs.

This is not just a book for reading but is a book for conversation and especially for men as well. “Mothers should share with these young men and teach them that women, dark skin women are beautiful and not let the current state of entertainment rule these men, your boys thinking and how they treat women,” says Duke.

This book needs to be in every household regardless of status in life and used as a tool for teaching, educating, and healing. “We have work to do in our communities” says Duke. The book is available at Walmart, Books-A-Million and