Boots on the ground


The war against Isis may require boots on the ground. These boots should not be the soldiers of the United States of America. I have been as incensed as many other American over the barbaric beheadings of our own Americans and the burning of a recent Jordanian prisoner. Isis is truly the scum of the earth. They are worse than scum. My Christian upbringing will not allow me to use words to express my feelings about Isis. They are evil and need to be eliminated from the planet. Our world cannot tolerate this cancer that is filled with such vicious hate for the rest of the planet.

America should help, but not with boots on the ground. Isis would love nothing more than for America to send 20,000 troops over to fight with them but that’s not the answer. We have had boots on the ground for too many years in Afghanistan and Iraq. Americans are sick and tired of the Middle East. For years the Middle East has manipulated us with their vast amounts of oil. America has worried too much about the flow of oil from this part of the world because of our dependence on oil. We have plenty of energy and we must stop all senseless Middle East wars just to protect oil interests.

The boots on the ground against Isis should be the people in the region where Isis is at work. America can help with air strikes that already are costing us millions of dollars. America has the best intelligence in the world so let’s use our intelligence forces, drones, air strikes and strategically coordinate with Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan to eliminate Isis.

Unfortunately this will be a malignancy that will come back. This is all the more reason why the people in the Middle East must be the ones do the groundwork.

Why get into a ground war that will cost us two trillion dollars and sacrifice 4000 more of our men and women? This would become a war that would be another ten years or maybe an assault that might go on forever. The armies and soldiers of the Middle East can fight this war. We can help them with arms, intelligence, air strikes and money but keep our troops off the ground.

Kobani is a good example. After 112 days of fighting and many U.S. and Arab air strikes the Kurdish fighters took back the city of Kobani. The city is in ruins. However, the Kurds with U.S. and Arab air support eventually ran Isis out of this strategic spot. With weapons, ammunition, air support and our intelligence helping these Kurdish fighters, Jordan and other Arab allies we can eventually beat back and destroy much of Isis for the time being.

In the meantime we must secure our own nation. As terror plots are hatched in our own country it will be up to us to defend America. When those times come, America will have boots on the ground— all of our boots.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated American columnist and author. For more information or to contact him, visit: