Indie Soul Review: Camera Soul


Last year, a group out of Italy called Camera Soul came to our attention. Our readers have reached out and wanted to know when Camera Soul was going to be putting out more new music and when would they touring in the United States. It just so happens that the group is back with a NEW project entitled “Dress Code.” The CD was just released February 5th, 2015 here in the U.S. and if you are a music lover, love the sounds of big bands, and especially Jazz, then head over to CD Baby and pick up a copy. While you are there, pick up their other CD’s “Word’s Don’t Speak” and “Not For Ordinary People.”

Brothers Piero and Pippo Lombardo have created a masterpiece with “Dress Code.” They both love soul music and it is in full swing on this CD. From start to finish, you are getting your money’s worth. Their musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Earth-Wind & Fire, and others, so keep that in mind when listening because it will take you back to a time when the horns and percussion were the driving force of great soul music. To top it off, Maria Enrica Lotesoriere is the icing on the cake with her soothing vocals. Suggested tracks: “A Day With You,” “This Rain,” and “Push Play.” The BEST track is “More and More.” This is a TRUE love song and could be the love song of the summer!

If you like the Brand New Heavies or Incognito, you will surely love Camera Soul. Check out the Baltimore Times Facebook page to see their video.

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