Indie Soul Book Review: No Cell Phone Day and Surrender


Winter time is great time to get caught up on some reading. This week we have two books for you to purchase and add to your collection:

No Cell Phone Day by Delfeayo Marsalis: Not only can the Marsalis family play some great music, but they are also authors. Delfeayo Marsalis steps up with his book, which might be considered a children’s book, but it really is for the entire family. Cell phones are so popular that people no longer talk to one another or they are too busy on a phone that they miss out on what is really important. “Life, Family, and Friends. No Cell Day” shows the kind of things one can do when one takes a day off from new technology. Everyone should designate a day to turn off your cell phone and just chill. Pick up your copy at

Surrender by Karega Bailey: Sometimes a movement can be started with words. Local author and educator, Karega Bailey, has written a very poetic and profound book. Using his knowledge and love of hip-hop, spirituality, and more importantly his love for the community, Bailey encourages readers to see themselves for who they are. A couple of his standout poems are “Can I Get Enough” and “Symbols Speak Loud.” To order his book, visit: