Center Stage: ‘One Night in Miami’


“We all have a voice the Movement”-– Malcolm X

When you are in a position to be able to uplift and educate, you must do so. The stage play “One Night in Miami” by Kemp Powers and directed by Center Stage Artistic Director, Kwame Kwei-Armah does just that.

“I think part of my job is to bring the best new plays to the theater. This play focuses on an iconic moment not just a sporting event, but in black history. Cassius Clay coming out and moving to Muhammad Ali. Malcolm X dying within the year. It’s a huge moment for African-American history and for American history” states Kwei-Armah.

“One Night in Miami” is centered around the night Cassius Clay defeats Sonny Liston. Clay, Malcolm X, NFL Running Back-Jim Brown, and Soul Singer Sam Cooke, gathered in a motel room to celebrate. What comes out of this gathering is a conversation about life and the Civil Rights Movement. Although no one knows for sure what really took place that night, this is a look at what might have transpired between these heroes of the Civil Rights Movement.

The cast includes Tory Andrus (Malcolm X), Sullivan Jones (Cassius Clay), Grasan Kingsberry (Sam Cooke), Esau Pritchett (Jim Brown), Royce Johnson (Kareem), and Genesis Oliver (Jamaa). They played their parts so well you would believe you were actually in the room with the real life individuals.

The play runs until February 8th 2015. Plan a date to attend!