Ravens introduce offensive coordinator Marc Trestman


— The Baltimore Ravens made two additions to their offensive coaching staff. First, they hired Marc Trestman as their offensive coordinator. The Ravens held a conference call to talk introduce Trestman to the local media. John Harbaugh said that they have also hired Marty Mornhinweg to be their quarterback’s coach.

Trestman said that he looks forward to working with the courageous and very tough quarterback in Joe Flacco. Harbaugh talked about why he thinks the relationship between his quarterback and offensive coordinator will work out. “Joe is on board with it. He’s excited about it. He knows Marc’s [Trestman] reputation.” Harbaugh said. “Personality-wise, they’re going to hit it off very well because they’re both very smart, they’re both very detailed, and they’re both very direct in their communication. Marc, and the way he explains football and the way he talks about it, is very black and white and to the point and clear cut, and Joe will appreciate that kind of communication.”

One of the things that helped Flacco before was having then offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak on the sideline to talk to him when he came off of the field. Trestman said that he will leave where he will be on game day up to Harbaugh. He said that he is comfortable either in the box or on the sideline.

John Harbaugh mentioned having a familiarity with Trestman and his system because he worked with his brother Jim when they were coaching the Oakland Raiders together. He said that Jim Harbaugh had a great deal of respect for Trestman. One of the things that made the decision a quick one for Harbaugh was the fit. He felt that Trestman’s background in the West Coast offense and the similarities as far as terminology is concerned will allow a smooth transition from Gary Kubiak. Kubiak left the Ravens to become the Denver Broncos head coach.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Trestman followed Kubiak. Mike Shanahan (offensive coordinator) and Kubiak (QB coach) left the 49ers to coach the Broncos in 1995. Trestman had an interesting answer when he was asked if he will change the offense greatly. “Why would I have 40 some guys learn a new offense when I’m just one person? Isn’t it easier for me to learn it than to start over with everybody else, including coaches?” He spoke about what he thinks is the best way to go about setting up the new offense. “I think the formula going in is certainly to learn the language and the nuances of the offense and what has been established there with the coaching staff and with the players, and then move forward from there.”

Harbaugh placed a great deal of emphasis on the system that they have in place which has a philosophy of running the ball. He said that Trestman understands that the Ravens belief is to have a strong running game. He also mentioned that Trestman had some success running the ball in the past. Trestman referred to the philosophy as “a vision that has allowed them to be so successful.”

There have been some concerns about how the blocking scheme would change but Trestman was quick to shut down any talk of a new scheme. He said that a lot of offenses are running zone schemes and that he talked to Kubiak about his scheme. The scheme that Trestman will use is set to be zone scheme as well. He pointed out how there are some traps and gap plays that will factor in also. It is clear that he will make the offense fit the players that are already here.

The Ravens will be looking to build off of the success that they achieved last year as an offense. The first step was hiring a new offensive coordinator and they feel that Marc Trestman is the right man for the job. There will be a lot of work to do once John Harbaugh and that coaching staff returns from the Pro Bowl.