Local author pens book about fate


Kyle Taylor is a 2001 graduate of Loyola Blakefield High School in Towson, Maryland. He graduated from Morgan State University in Baltimore in 2005 with a B.A. in English/Journalism. He has a professional background in communications and journalism, and has had articles published in several newspapers including The Baltimore Sun, The Afro-American Newspaper, The Baltimore Times, and The Baltimore Business Journal.


Author Kyle Taylor

The primary plot “Fate’s Destiny” revolves around God being upset with the state of the world, dismayed at how things are, and debating destroying it again. Instead, the fate of mankind is placed in the hands of three individuals: Sheldon, Ann, and Winston. These three are chosen by God due to their own inner struggles and are tested to see if they can overcome those internal challenges. However they are never informed of this, and are unaware that they are essentially on trial for the sins of mankind. Should they fail their tests, mankind is doomed.

One of the themes of the novel is choice. Each character in the book is confronted with an issue and must make a decision on what path they will take. This is something everyone can relate to because we are all tasked with making a multitude of choices on a daily basis. Those choices, for better or for worse, determine who we are, regardless of if they are internal or external decisions.

Fate’s Destiny is currently available as an ebook and in paperback. The ebook is available in Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes and Noble’s Nook store, and in Google Play’s, and Kobo Books’ ebook stores. The paperback is available on Amazon’s, Barnes & Noble’s, and Books-A-Million’s websites.

For more information about Kyle Taylor and his novel, visit his blog: www.kylestaylor.blogspot.com.