Je suis Charlie


— What recently happened in Paris was more than a typical act of Islamic terrorism. No, this was the latest addition to the making of a very vicious and vile monster that hides under the shield of an organized religion. This is starting to take a form that we have never imagined. President Obama and Vice President Biden have tried to explain away the acts of terrorism as something short term and under control, but their claims were just deception.


Harry C. Alford

This movement that is taking place is more than one man, Osama Bin Laden, and greater than one group, Al Qaida. Some of the best street level guerrilla warfare specialists are merging with ruthless, cold hearted gangsters. They put dressing on this dogma by convincing the naïve that it is something “holy” – a purpose blessed by God. Their god is actually a devil. He is a devil that condones mass murder and gives no respect or honor to females.

There are various “tribes” blending into this movement. The leadership is diverse and fully independent of one another. Not too long ago we could assume management coming from the Middle East. The Al Qaida clique that organized the 9/11 attack on our nation were mainly of Saudi Arabian heritage. Eighteen of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and their leader, Osama Bin Laden, was from a very prestigious family based in that nation.

The recent attackers are coming from various parts of the world. They can be as third world as Somalia or as upscale as downtown Paris or London. Our investigative units are talking to one another and are sharing information as they try to get a handle on the “monster,” but nothing seems to be effective right now. How can two individuals slowly steal two different cars, stroll down a street in Paris shooting AK -47s at police and kill 10 people working in an office, all within minutes, and then escape out of Paris and into the outback forest?

The recent group known as ISIS may be influencing the development of the “monster.” ISIS may have shown the world that you don’t need an industrial base to ignite a war. If you need weapons go steel them. If it is money that keeps an army moving then go rob some banks. Rely on impressionable youngsters as your recruiting base. Through high tech methods communicate to this base of young thugs and organize them through social media and bring them to action.

Apparently, there are hundreds of thousands of possible recruits who are willing to do anything in the name of promoting terrorism. ISIS is recruiting about 5,000 new troops per week. It has a treasury of billions of dollars (stolen, ransom, etc.). They come from the living rooms of middle class families from around the globe and are somewhat educated. They fly over oceans to get to a designated sight to initiate their training. They are fighting established armies and, for the most part, are gaining ground while, at the same time are causing havoc within civilian populations. Among these devils, ISIS has become a “best practices model.”

President Obama and his security team could not imagine what has been happening over the last 10 years. Our allies are shaking their heads and wondering what has happened to the great American pride and courage. Somehow, a new hero from our side of this fight is going to have to evolve. God will see us through this but how many of us must suffer and die before that happens? That will depend on us who live on the good side.

It is time for us to take this very seriously and deal with it straight up. The fact is we are at war! The one who wins at war is the most organized, strongest and bravest one on the battlefield. Right now, our president is afraid of the battlefield. Somehow he is going to come to the reality that this is a serious war and it will be incumbent upon him to rise up and lead the charge against the devil. If he keeps stalling our casualties will rise to pathetic levels. We have various presidents, prime ministers, chancellors from our allied side of this war but none of them seem to have much courage and leadership. Meanwhile, the devil is growing and striking in Australia, Canada and Nigeria. Who will be next?

The thing we, the faithful, must understand that as each battle is waged, the pain will fall on all of us. We must fight and fight ruthlessly if we are to survive. Remember like the newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, we were all attacked and thus, there is the choice between the devil or Charlie. I am Charlie: Je Suis Charlie!