Obama wants community college to be free


— Free education “for those willing to work for it.”

That’s what President Obama said he would like to see in an announcement the White House posted to Facebook and Vine on Thursday.

He’s proposing to make the first two years of community college free.

“Everyone understands that education is the key to success for our kids in the 21st century, but what we also understand is that it’s not just for kids. We also have to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages and better benefits,” the president said.

It’s unclear exactly how such a proposal would be funded, but it would require a partnership between the federal government and states, which would have the option to participate.

The program will be modeled after one in Tennessee, in which the state covers the cost for students that’s not already covered by grants and scholarships.

The proposal would require legislation.

That could be tough now that Republicans control both the House and Senate.

The president made the announcement from Air Force One as he left Detroit on his way to Tennessee and Arizona, on a tour where he is previewing some highlights of his State of the Union Address.

More details about the president’s proposal will be announced on Friday in Tennessee when he addresses the state’s education reform.