Indie Soul: Red Emma’s Mother Poetry Vibe


The event showcased poets from all walks of life, black, white, rich, poor, young and old. It had a phenomenal turnout and the featured poet was Natalie E. Illum.

Ken Brown was honored when Red Emma’s invited him to host the event, “I’ve been a regular customer for most of its existence; even when I lived out of town I would frequent it whenever I was back home in Baltimore,” he said. “The collective—the worker-owners of the coffeehouse—knew that I loved and supported their radical, justice/human rights ethos and endeavors, knew of my background in such, and wanting to move into some poetic ventures, knew that I could host a venue that would jive well with who it was. I’m very honored by member’s consideration of me for such and their invitation to organize and host it.”

Past featured poets include Justin Woo and the Baltimore Citywide Youth Poetry Slam. The next event takes place in March of 2015. You will love the messages, networking, and not to mention the wine and food, which is available for purchase.

For more information on being part of this event please feel free to reach out to Ken Brown: The event is FREE and open to the public. Peace, Justice, Poetry!