New children’s book combines storytelling with Language Arts lessons


— Author Everett Todd Adams continues to teach Language Arts to elementary-age school children in his second book “Won by One,” a colorfully illustrated book with his returning characters Tee Tee and Ceddy Keddy John. This time Adams focuses on homophones— words that sound the same but have a different spelling.

This beautifully illustrated and kid-friendly book encourages young students to enter the world of language arts through an interactive story with friends Tee Tee and Ceddy Keddy John as they play and learn all about homophones. “Won by One” is about learning intertwined with storytelling. Adams says, “I was a math tutor to several young boys a few years ago and realized that their challenges were not with the numbers but in understanding the instructions. This made me realize how important it is for students to have a good understanding of Language Arts.”

In 2011, Adams wrote and published his first children’s book called The Tricky ‘S.’ Through the characters, Tee Tee and Ceddy Keddy John, the book teaches children from kindergarten through third grade about irregular plurals in the English language, i.e. mouse/mice; house/houses. Adams is currently working on his third book “Different, But the Same,” which will teach children about synonyms and antonyms is slated to be released in early 2015.

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