Indie Soul: Chunky and the O-Beast & Drawing With Mark


It’s that time that we give you our Indie Soul picks for kids. Here are two items for you to check out during the holiday season:


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Drawing with Mark: You know how big Indie Soul is on supporting the arts. That’s why you need to checkout Drawing with Mark ( This series of educational videos teaches children how to draw. The DVD’s are recommended for kids 5 and up, but if you have someone younger that demonstrates that thirst for the arts, then this is for them as well.

Chunky and the O-Beast: This colorful graphic novel by Joseph Vivens deals with childhood obesity and healthy eating. Vivens says he was inspired to write the book after listening to his pediatrician wife’s stories about treating overweight children. “She would come home talking about the kids she would care for who had health problems from being overweight or obese. So, I thought back to my childhood and wondered why I didn’t have an issue eating vegetables and fruits. That’s when it dawned on me the influence Popeye the Sailor had on me. Popeye eating spinach had a huge impact on my love of spinach and resulted in me trying other vegetables as a result. Thus, I became empowered to create a character that would inspire children the way I was inspired by Popeye the sailor.”

Vivens wants the book to jumpstart the conversation about the importance of healthy eating and active play with children. For more information: