John Harbaugh discusses Ravens injuries: Torrey Smith, Asa Jackson, Michael Campanaro


Torrey Smith wasn’t on the field for the Ravens final two drives in Sunday’s game against the Chargers. Apparently, he injured the knee while making a one handed touchdown catch. He landed awkwardly on his knee as he fell to turf. He was seen limping on the sidelines and pointing to his knee while he was talking to medical personnel.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh addressed a few of the Ravens injuries at his press conference on Monday. Torrey Smith was the first player that Harbaugh spoke about.

“Torrey didn’t really have anything to serious. I don’t know how to describe it right now. He’ll be getting ready for Miami. Right now I would call him day to day.” Harbaugh said.

The questionable status of Torrey Smith along with the possible absence of Marlon Brown due to a concussion puts a lot more importance on the return of Michael Campanaro. The Ravens have been anticipating his return. Harbaugh spoke a lot more about Campanaro.

“Campanaro has a hamstring. We will keep our fingers crossed. He has a hamstring. It’s been slow. It was supposed to have been two weeks ago. It’s to a point where it’s just like, ‘let me know when you’re ready.’ Hamstrings are like that. He’s been killing himself.” Harbaugh continued; “He’s working really hard and there’s a chance that he’s back this week but I am just not going to count on him until he’s back. Availability and ability, durability goes with it. If you’re not out there, you’re not out there. It’s not his fault; he’s killing himself trying to get back.”

The secondary has been an issue for the Ravens. Losing nickel corner Asa Jackson didn’t help. He was playing well prior to severely spraining his toe. Harbagh said that they will watch him at practice this week to see whether or not he is ready to go against the Miami Dolphins.

“I want to see if Asa is ready to play. Want to see if he’s moving, he’s bursting and then the next day want to see that the thing feels good and go back out there and do the same thing. We want to see that’s he’s healthy and can play at an NFL level which is a very high level. He had a good week last week and I am optimistic but you don’t know until you see it.” Said Harbaugh.

The Ravens will travel to Miami on Sunday. The game will feature two teams that are looking to make a move in the AFC wild card playoff race.