Indie Soul: Bryan Robinson – The Black Genius Art Show


“ I just want to able to make art, films, anything dealing with the arts, something that people can connect with”— Bryan Robinson

Bryan Robinson has a passion for the arts. His talent takes many forms including photography, film and drawing. As an educator in the Baltimore City school system he enjoys sharing his time and talent with others.

“I get excited about sharing my art with others. To be able to teach them while they are young and let them just create is fun. I am blessed to have God in life because he makes this all possible” says Robinson.

Robinson is an artist to keep your eye on. The ultra talented artist has some incredible work on the horizon including a cartoon series and a clothing line. He says he has another goal as well. “I have opened my door to work with other artists. There is so much we can do as a collective. We can’t worry about someone stealing someone else’s idea when we have a much greater message to share. So if you are open to making a difference and want to help bring our works to the masses, call me” says Robinson.

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