Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: Franchon Crews


This week’s double threat is a talented singer and a heavy hitting diva, oh by the way she models as well.

Crews, also known as the “Heavy Hitter,” is a boxing champion who made history by becoming one of the first American women to be on the women’s Pan American boxing team. Just missing her chance at making the first ever Women’s Olympic team in 2012 she moved up to a heavier weight class of 178 lbs. and was ranked second in the world. “ It would be a dream come true to be able to have the Baltimore area support me and to be able to have a fight here for the DMV area to see” says Crews. Up next is for Franchon Crews to fight in Rio in 2016.

For you music producers and writers looking for an artist to produce, then look no further than Crews. She showed her vocal chops by performing the National Anthem at the Baltimore Boxing Renaissance and nailed it!

“I will be working on music soon. I am open to working with really good producers so in 2015 people can be on the lookout for some music,” says Crews.

Franchon Crews credits the love of her husband, family, and friends, but more importantly God for her continuing success. She says, “I am nothing with God in my life and the love of the people around me.

You can follow Franchon Crews on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under TheHHDiva and on her website: