Indie Soul Spotlight: Khari Parker


“My goal is to have personal finance education added to all schools” —Khari Parker

Khari Parker refuses to be just another statistic and does not want children to be one as well. “I love numbers and finance. Everyone should as well and at least know about savings and finance. With that knowledge, we can do better and really make a difference in the community” says Parker.

His book, “The Lost Curriculum–What School Didn’t Teach Us About Personal Finance” simplifies financial terms into language everyone can understand. By using phrases like “Get Money” or “Keeping It Real” he hopes to grab young readers’ attention and make them more financially literate.

The 34-year-old Baltimore native graduated from the University of Maryland and holds a Masters Degree. He credits God and his family for being there for him and supporting his dream to help young people understand the power of saving. “

According to Parker, “This book is for everyone. It is never too late to learn about finance, savings, and real estate. We make the world go around with the spending that we do, but we need to understand the power of wealth is not spending, but what you have net worth wise, what you own, and investing is the key.”

To learn more about Khari Parker, buy his book, and to contact him about his movement on teaching finance, please visit his website: or call 410-262-6531.