Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: Laura L. Green


— “I just love fashion! I went to school for the business side of fashion and now I am on the other side and I love it” —Laura L. Green

Born in Washington and partially raised in Baltimore Laura L. Green is the owner of one of only five mobile fashion trucks in Baltimore. When we caught up with her, she was doing her third event since her soft launch on October 23rd, 2014.

“My entrepreneurial spirit was asking what was I going to do next after working with Perry Ellis for 5 and half years and working with the multi-talented Sean “Puffy” Combs says Green. According to Green, her philosophy behind her business, Go Gorgeous ( was to have a platform for indie artists who make clothing, paintings, and jewelry to sell their creations. “Many of these indie artist can’t afford a storefront or mobile unit so this gives them the option to sell their items” adds Green.

Green encourages the public to support independent artists whenever possible.

“If you are like me [and] like to shop but can’t [always] afford high end items, well when you support an indie artist, you are getting something just as great and your taste can grow with the artist as they grow” says Green.

Green’s love of fashion and support of the arts is the reason she is our Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week! For more information on Go Gorgeous, email:

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