Goucher College hosts leadership forum for area high school students


— The Greater Baltimore Urban League (GBUL) began the second year of its Saturday Leadership Program (SLP) on September 20, 2014. Most recently on October 4, the students, facilitators and volunteers were welcomed to Goucher College by admissions director Corky Surbeck and Cyndy Cowles.

At lunch, the students had a chance to meet Goucher’s president, Dr. Jose Bowen, as well as some current Goucher students. The Greater Baltimore Urban League, together with Goucher College, welcomed 65 new and returning students, nine parents, and many volunteers in the GBUL Young Professionals and the Guild.

This particular leadership session included discussion on finding their “spark,” or their motivation in career and academic pursuits. The first year Fellows in 10th grade and below did a series of activities including collages and group discussion about their career interests and motivations. Through an exercise called an “autovision,” students expressed who they are now, and how they see themselves in five years. This was designed to help them begin to focus their passions so they can start acquiring needed skills to be successful in life and career.

Older students took the Myers Brigg personality test to learn more about their career personalities. Fellows learned about their personality and proper career matches for their personality. They also learned more in depth about specific skills needed for their career paths along with taking a look at skills they currently possess and how to build on them. SLP students also learn about notable Baltimoreans every session, and this time the Notable People of discussion were Wes Moore, Dayvon Love, Vernon Dobson and Kevin Liles.

Additionally, this year GBUL introduced parent leadership sessions because parent and guardian involvement is pertinent to the development and lifelong success of their children. The SLP fellows’ parents and guardians have joined in on the leadership skill building, volunteering and community engagement in sessions led by Arnetta Bryant, the Program Management Intern with the GBUL. Already the fellows are exhibiting their leadership potential, and we look forward to seeing how they grow.