Entrepreneurs of the Week: Kimberley McDaniel, Denise Leonard Howard and Valerie Walker


Who says friends can’t work together? Three lovely women are not only friends but business partners and from speaking with them you can tell that they genuinely love and respect each other.

Their business is called The Rejuvenation Spot, with the slogan, “The Place People Go to Feel Better.” Located at 22 West 25th Street in Charles Village it’s a one of a kind business that specializes in alkaline water, therapeutic grade essential oils, liquid vitamins, as well as life and health coaching.

Co-owner Denise Leonard Howard said, “Our purpose is to offer people a way to feel better from a holistic standpoint which we do not talk enough about in the community, especially in the black community

“So many people are looking for ways to either become healthy or stay healthy. We want to be here for those people who are looking for something more natural. This is not just for older people, but even younger people want and are concerned about their health. What better way than trying the holistic approach” states co-owner Kimberly McDaniel.

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