Indie Soul Movie Review: Ballin’ at the Graveyard


With the NCAA 2014 Men’s Midnight Madness Basketball Set for Friday, October 17, and the NBA Season set to begin on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 basketball fans can’t wait to enjoy another season of we call “B’ball or Ballin.’”

For all you basketball junkies who are looking for a fix, pick up a copy of the movie, “Ballin’ at the Graveyard.”

Once in a lifetime, a basketball movie like “White Men Can’t Jump,” “Hoosiers,” “Hoop Dreams,” or “Blue Chips,” finds its way to your heart and brings back memories and conversations about basketball. Trust me, I believe you will add this movie to that list.

Every city has a SPECIAL place where people go to hang out and see former stars, local legends and wanna be stars. In this film, the location is Albany, New York’s Washington Park known as The Graveyard. This film delves into the personal lives of the characters and players who come out each and every weekend to play ball and it will provide some insight into what really goes on at courts like The Graveyard, the types of conversations, interactions and LOVE they not only have for the game but for each other and their families.

This film is not just about basketball, it’s also about life. You will learn about the players’ lives and the contributions they make to their community and to society in general. It may change your perspective about basketball players and the weekend warriors who still go out every Saturday and Sunday to play the game they love.

“Ballin’ at the Graveyard” is very entertaining, honest, heart warming— another classic.

Copies of the film are available at: Be sure to checkout The Baltimore Times Facebook Page: Baltimore Times, to see the trailer for the film.

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