Indie Soul Spotlight: Belly Dancing


Indie Soul is always looking for something different and exciting to bring to you to broaden your experience. When an associate mentioned she was a bellydancer, Indie Soul decided to find out more.

Mariza Matel , owner of Mariza Dance

(Photo: Stereo Vision Photography)

Mariza Matel , owner of Mariza Dance

According to Mariza Matel, owner of Mariza Dance (check her website for locations).

“Belly dance is a dance form that has its roots in Middle Eastern folk and social dancing. This dance was then stylized for the stage and theater performance, which has grown into modern belly dance. Belly dance today encompasses myriad styles from the Arabic Oriental style to American Tribal Style to Tribal Fusion; belly dancers dance to Middle Eastern classic songs, modern dubstep, Arabic pop.”

Mariza continues, “Belly dance is for everyone! It’s an accessible dance form that a person of any body type, fitness level, and dance background (or lack thereof!) can pick up — and with so many styles to choose from, you can dance in a way that feels expressive and authentic to yourself. Plus, we get to wear shiny costumes and glitter and dance with our friends!”

On Friday October 3, 2014, Mariza held her annual “Shimmitastic Booglaloo,” which is a play on the movie “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.” Mariza says, “It started off as a joke but the name stuck.”

Interested in trying something new and different? Then give Mariza a call today at 443-839-0044. You can also checkout the website for more details: You better hurry because the next session begins October 13th and 16th.

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