Bamboo and Fern tells woman’s story of triumph over adversity


Bamboo & Fern: Jamaican Corporate Queen’s Awe-Inspiring Biography Empowers Women to Triumph over Adversity.

Ava Brown’s life story is one of true perseverance and survival. In her new biography, “Bamboo & Fern,” Brown recounts her remarkable transition from street-selling Jamaican pauper to MBA Global Business Development Manager. By releasing her story to the world, Brown hopes other women will be inspired to embrace their situations, overcome their struggles and become strong-willed and successful individuals.

There is no way to sugarcoat Ava Brown’s early life; it was tough. It seemed that she was destined to be a poor street vendor forever with no hope of escaping poverty.

However, Brown was different from her peers. Born with a strength and survival instinct that was rare in her region, she triumphed in more ways than imaginable, and is now taking her story public.

“Bamboo & Fern” is Brown’s inspirational new biography, written for women all over the world who feel trapped and unable to pursue their dreams.

In this courageous story of growing up in one of the poorest areas of Jamaica, Ava Brown learned the life lessons of perseverance and survival.

Her story starts in a poor rural Jamaica, where the need to find food often won out over school attendance, and follows her journey through her adolescent years, which were encased in the dark shadows of incest and sexual abuse, to her young adult years when the trauma of being held at gunpoint finally led her to flee her home country.

Yet her resilience and love for Jamaica allowed her to see her negative experiences as stepping stones to becoming a strong and self-reliant woman capable of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride that will break hearts but also will also motivate, inspire and fuel the desire for change.

“It’s all down to determination,” admits Brown. “Every woman has it inside of her but only the fair few will find it. That’s why I wrote this book, to act as a beacon of change and a catalyst for women everywhere to brush off the dust, look inward and grab hold of their determination.”

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