Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: April Wilson


Entrepreneur April Wilson says she always wanted to create something. Keeping true to her dream, Wilson, who is from Baltimore, has designed one of the most exciting products on the market— the Ultra Cuddle.

The Ultra Cuddle is a patented uniquely designed oversized shawl blanket with feet pockets.

“I have had ideas and concepts for other products in the past, but after seeing a particular product on the market, and seeing that there was more that could have been done better, I set out to design something of better quality and comfort,” said Wilson.

The Ultra Cuddle features plush feet pockets and is made with super plush fabric. It’s one size fits all, machine washable and has a front opening for easy movement.

Wilson’s business venture has taught her the importance of getting trademarks, copyrights and patents. “It is very important to protect your brand and make sure that you handle your paperwork correctly.”

She is using her experience to help others to manage their businesses by attending speaking engagements and seminars where she serves as a mentor. Eventually, she plans to manage and sell Ultra Cuddle full time. With the success of her first business venture, the next one is not too far off. Congratulations to April Wilson, our Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week.

For more information about the Ultra Cuddel, visit:

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