Steve Harvey, Strayer University partner to deliver success through higher education


Strayer University, a leading postsecondary institution for working adults, is pleased to announce a partnership with talk show host and entertainer Steve Harvey, who joins the university in a new initiative aimed at breaking down perceived barriers that can keep individuals from succeeding in their personal and professional lives. Dubbed ‘The Success Project,’ the partnership kicks off a year of national and local activities, which will raise awareness of multiple definitions of and paths to success, and enhance support for working adults pursuing a college degree through success coaching, among others.

“Education is a key to success for many,” said Harvey, whose new book on the principles of setting and reaching high goals— Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success— will be released in September. “But it is important to recognize that there is no one path to earning a college degree nor to success. Working adults who are contemplating going back to school in order to further their careers and improve their lives often stop before they start because they are held back by doubts about whether they can handle it all or fears of being back in school after a long time away.

“Every individual, however, should embrace their unique circumstances, motivations and needs and set educational and life goals that are true to them. I’m proud to partner with Strayer University, which is making a commitment to helping working adults break down their perceived barriers and pursue their dreams of earning a college degree.”

In addition to the partnership with Harvey, The Success Project will introduce a team of professional success coaches who will provide mentoring and support to Strayer University students. Each student— whether they are taking classes at a Strayer University campus or online— will be assigned their own personal success coach, who will assist them with financial advice, goal setting, career advice, time management, and other skills. In addition to helping to increase each student’s opportunity for academic success, coaches will help prepare them for the real-world challenges that are inherent in building a successful career while managing other life priorities.

“We know that college degree holders have lower unemployment, higher salaries, a healthier wellbeing, and they are better positioned to grow their communities and the economy than those without a college degree,” said Dr. Michael Plater, president of Strayer University. “Simply put, education matters, and every working adult who is interested in earning a college degree should have the opportunity to do so. Our new success coach program will help adult students address a range of challenges, for example, caring for young children while earning a degree. Success coaches will help students to find childcare and will advise on healthy and creative ways to balance work, family, and school.”