Hell on Wheels: The complete third season out on DVD


One of the most underrated independent television shows is undoubtedly “Hell On Wheels,” which airs on AMC. The show stars Hip-Hop Artist Common who plays newly freed slave, Elam Ferguson who is just trying to find out where he belongs in the world. Also starring is Dohn Norwood as Psalms, the Uncle of Elam’s baby.

If you are fan of Westerns, then this is one you would truly enjoy because it really captures how the west truly looked, meaning a melting pot of ethnicities, and the true struggle of how the country was starting to come together and doesn’t cut corners and still finds a way to keep it entertaining. If you are a fan you will be happy to note that season three is out on DVD as of July 15, 2014, just in time to get you caught up on the new season August 2 with a Two-Hour premiere at 9 p.m.

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