Ultimate Fighting Championship Spotlight: Ovince St. Preux


There is a misconception that people who box or participate in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), have anger management issues, grew up fighting on the streets, or are just simple knuckleheads. This is not the case at all.

This week’s UFC Spotlight, Ovince St. Preux is a guy who loves to challenge himself. He is a college graduate from Tennessee University with a degree in Sociology. “I have always been an avid sports guy. When I got into this sport it was a way to push my body. I wanted to get better and stronger. I played football in college and even went out for the pros before finally settling in to MMA and I love it” states Ovince.

Ovince St. Preux, is no stranger to hard work and study. It is part of his make-up and Haitian heritage. “Education and hard work are what I was instilled with and I take pride with everything I do and want to be the best at it” says St. Preux. He proved that on June 14, 2014, in UFC174 as he took on the favorite Ryan Jimmo.

Jimmo was no match for the focused and determined Ovince St. Preux. The aggressive St. Preux defeated Jimmo with knockout in the second round and in the process broke Jimmo’s arm. Ovince summed up the fight, “I am not sure why he did not tap out. People were saying he said he broke his arm while we were fighting but I did not hear anything. Until the bell sounds or the referee calls the fight, I am going to continue to pressure on whoever my opponent is.”

Next up for Ovince is Ryan Badder on August 16th for UFC Fight Night in Maine. St. Preux says he’s already getting ready for battle. “I know many people wanted this fight to happen, so it is what it is. I am gonna train hard and prepare hard. The goal is to be the best. I have taken it a step at a time. First I was ranked in the 20’s now I am in the top 10. So I will be ready as only us Omega Psi Phi men can! You know how us dogs can be.”

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