Indie Soul: Constant Deviants


Real hip-hop is conscious, classic, and meaningful not just about money, cars and women. To make it on the Indie Soul page, you have to be about the real! What better way to kick off Black Music Month June 2014 than to review some real hip-hop. Please welcome Constant Deviants.

Their latest CD/Digital download, DIAMOND is one hit after another. With strong lyrical content and a masterful music production, DIAMOND, sounds better than a ton of commercial projects we hear not only on radio, but Internet radio as well.

“Growing up in Baltimore with older cats, we understand the culture and the music, and we want to be true to that. Which is another reason why we started our own record label Six2Six Records so we can put out the type of product we love and can get behind” states Constant Deviants.

Although they may be underground kings here in the United States, countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and United Kingdom, love Constant Deviants. And according to Constant Deviants, “We are going to go wherever the love is. That doesn’t mean, we don’t want the support here in our home country. We need local newspapers and radio stations to show support as well.”

DIAMOND contains 15 of the hottest tracks with some bonus cuts. Tracks of special interest: “It’s OK,” “It’s All Love,” “One, Two,” “Gangster Boogie,” and “Victory.” Do yourself a favor and kick off y Black Music Month by getting your copy today: .

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