Indie Soul: Tristan and Walter Mosley


Tristan: There’s a lot of good music out there you haven’t heard because it doesn’t get air time on the radio. For instance the group Tristan made up of the following members: Evelyn Kallansee, vocals; Coen Molenaar, keys; Thomas Bekhuis, guitar; Frans Vollink, bass; Martin Gort, percussion; and Sebastiaan Cornelissen, drums.


Courtesy Photo


The group describes their sound as being 70’s. Their latest CD, “Full Power” arrives just in time for summer when many folks hit the road and are in need of great music as they travel. “Keep On” & “Moontune” set the tone for the CD as you groove to not only the vocals, but also the percussion, horns, and the keys. It’s truly head nod music for real music lovers.

No album would be complete without some adult slow grooves: “Butterfly,” “New Beginning,” and “Misunderstood,” makes summer love so much more enjoyable! To pick up your copy or for more information:

Walter Mosley: The new book from Mosley entitled, “Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore” deals with a subject that many folks don’t like to about. The main character is trying to escape the pornography business after her husband’s death while raising her son and starting her life over. In classic Mosley style, he digs deep into the character and puts so much passion into his writing that he has created another classic story along the lines of his Easy Rawlins books. If you are looking to kick off your summer reading, add this one to the list, you will not be disappointed.