Local teen author completes first novel


— Teen author Jeanne Luning Prak is pleased to announce that her first book, Fate’s Road, is now available.


(Courtesy photo)

A junior at Broadneck High School in Annapolis, Jeanne was inspired to begin writing her first novel during National Novel Writing Month.

Fate’s Road is set in the small, broken town of Grubindy and the magnificent metropolis of Crestriver. It explores the differences between two worlds: one governed by magic and Fate, and the other by greed and technology.

The book tells the story of Sorceress Sydney Halgren who has never seen the sun. She lives in an underground town with too little food and too much smoke. Everything changes when the magic disappears and she stumbles onto a plot to destroy not only magic itself but all the sorcerers who practice it. Sydney is forced to brave the world above her home in an attempt to free people from their underground existence.

When asked about the writing and publishing process, Jeanne said, “I have always enjoyed writing.The hardest part was revising and rewriting a number of drafts. I learned a lot when I researched the publishing industry, and decided that self-publishing was the best route for me. Now it is so exciting to finally see my book in print, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with everyone.”

Fate’s Road is available from Amazon in paperback or as an e-book.

Jeanne is already working on her second novel. She is a member of the National Honor Society and is on the swim team. Jeanne is in the process of considering colleges and plans to major in computer science.

For more information, visit the author’s blog or the Fate’s Road Facebook page.